yaDing - yet another Ding

yaDing is a dictionary lookup program, containing dictionaries for German-English and German-Spanish translations.


  • Comprehensive German-English dictionary with more than 160'000 rows
  • Basic German-Spanish dictionary with nearly 19'000 rows
  • Clearly structured user interface and intuitive handling
  • Internationalized user interface (English, German, Spanish)
  • Configurable and error tolerant search (more)
  • Selectable extent of the result list (more)
  • Intelligent sort of the result list to have the best results on top of the list (more)
  • Runs under every operating system where Java 1.6 is available (more)
  • Open source license (more)


29 December 2010: Update to yaDing 1.3

  • Search term is highlighted in the results (can be switched off in the options)
  • Update of the German-English and German-Spanish dictionaries

Change language: German

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